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Skullcandy Method wired earphones - Worst sounding earphones I've ever tried

Earphones under the sub Rs.2000 segment sell like hot donuts in India, and it is crucial to pick the right earphones in a plethora of headsets in the market. One such earphone under Rs. 2000 is the Skullcandy Method, which is wired but also has a wireless version that sells for around Rs. 4200. 

Sound Quality:
As a beginner audiophile, I expected better sound quality from an earphone that costs Rs. 2000 but the sound quality in these is "AWFUL."  The mids are not good, highs are average at best, and I don't want to talk about the lows because they are so bad for an earphone which costs this much. I usually listen to Rock and Electronic music, and they sounded Terrible. The bass overpowers the vocals sometimes which bassheads might like, but I didn't. The earphones are loud enough to be used in daily commutes.
Rating: 2/5
Build Quality:
They're made of "Cheap Plastic." The plastic between the body of the earphone and the wire broke into two halves with modera…
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Xiaomi and its sweet relationship with Ads.

Xiaomi has been doing well since they got into the Indian market. With the slogan "Innovation for Everyone", the Chinese OEM has never failed to impress. By launching great hardware at an affordable price, Xiaomi has won the Indian hearts. From a couple of years, competitors like Realme, Asus, and Samsung (With "M" and "A" series) have embezzled a significant market share. Xiaomi doesn't seem to think it's necessary to give its customers an ad-free experience even after they've paid for a smartphone. One of the biggest complaints with every Xiaomi/Redmi smartphone is obscene ads from the bloatware, which makes up to bad user experience.  Recently, Realme pushed a beta October security patch on Realme 1, and when addressed, the company reported it to be a "bug" and "fixed" it in the stable build. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove ads, but considering how large Xiaomi's user-base is, not every user knows how to do…

New Pixel 4 leaks reveal more information about the upcoming flagship

Source: LeakerBabaOfficial

The Pixel 4/4XL leaks have been out for quite a while now, and the new leaks suggest that the device will have an IR Face unlock. 

The pictures also suggest that the device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and will indeed have a 6GB RAM variant. The display will have a 90Hz refresh rate which is a good thing and will blow other competitors out of their way. 

The only thing that the Pixels have disappointed us is regarding the battery. We hope Google rectifies the issue and provides us with a slightly more battery as all those extra features are going to increase the battery usage.

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OnePlus 5 in 2019.

The smartphone industry has experienced rapid growth in the past couple of years. With the release of newer smartphones like the Realme X and the Redmi Note 7 Pro, we cannot deny the fact that the difference between the older flagship killers and the more modern mid-range smartphones is slim. One such phone worth comparing to the current mid-range phones is the OnePlus 5.

Image Credits: The Verge
The OnePlus 5 was launched in Q2 of 2017 and was priced at $479 for the base 6/64GB storage variant and $529 for the 8/128GB option. The main improvement was in the design and the dual cameras. The curved design of the OnePlus 5 was a massive improvement over its predecessor, OnePlus 3, which had slight sharp curves to it. The in-hand feel is excellent, and the weight is evenly distributed.
Image Credits: android central
The back of the phone is made of aluminum and is really well built. The antenna lines run through top and bottom, which are only visible when looked closely. The power button is …

Live images of ASUS Zenfone 6 leaked

ASUS, especially know for their ROG(Republic of Gamers) series has been giving a fierce competition to some of the contenders like Xiaomi and Realme. They launched Asus Zenfone 5Z last year which was powered by a flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 but failed to impress because of the lack of AMOLED display and ZenUI on top which was quite buggy.
ASUS will surely be looking to step up its game by launching  Zenfone 6 this year followed by Zenfone 6Z

Source: MobiGyaan
The latest Zenfone 6 leak suggests it will be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 855 processor by Qualcomm which was announced in Q4 of 2018 at Qualcomm Tech Summit. The glossy look, triple rear cameras, and the addition of a gradient coloured variant can also be seen in the leaked images.
An addition of AMOLED panel,  bigger battery, and competitive pricing will make it worth considering.  It will be interesting to see how it fares when compared to competitors like OnePlus 7 and Poco F2 coming, later this year.
Tell us your thou…

Everything you need to know about Smartphone cameras!

Smartphoneshave become an integral part of our lives. We can do pretty much everything with them. From texting to streaming videos, from playing graphic-intensive online games to clicking studio-quality images. In this post, we're gonna dig deeper and know how cameras on a smartphone actually work.

The Image Sensor:

Every image sensor has a pixel size. The size of a smartphone sensor is typically given as a fraction number in inches (Eg: 1/2.3",1/3.06")If the pixel size is more significant the more amount of light will collect and images will be better in low light conditions. A camera with 1.4-micron pixels captures twice the brightness (per pixel) of one with 1.0-micron pixels, calculated by comparing the difference in total area. Another way of saying this is that the 1.4-micron sensor is one stop brighter.


Camera lenses have Apertures. Aperture is an opening in the glass that lets the light pass through the lens. If the opening of the lens is large, the amount …

Smartphone Processors(SoC's) Explained!!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about processors in smartphones. The technology they're made on, clock speed, and the number of cores can be really confusing. 

Laying the Foundation:
 Example: If a building needs to be constructed in which there will be an office and our employees will work in it and get the work done with excellent results. Here, this piece of land is a Silicon Wafer on which the processor is constructed. Now we will need an architect who can design a good foundation for a processor. You may ask, what is the need of hiring an architect to design our processor when we can create it on our own?.  Yes, we can create it on our own, but to utilise every single inch of that empty land, we will definitely need an architect as he is more experienced than us. We should go to an architect who can lay a good design and hence, we consider going to a reputed architect, i.e. ARM (Advanced Risk machines). ARM constructs designs of processors and the designs can be of …